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[02.10] • Our first activity check is now in progress. Activity checks will run once a month and be used to clean out/archive any inactive members and/or member threads. If you have not posted an absence and have not been seen to have kept to the activity requirements you may be at risk of losing your account. We will also be running the spotlight for September so please let Luna know who you would like to vote for - and, no, you can't vote for yourself ;P

[08.09] • Act 1 - "The Awakening" - will begin on September 10th, 2015. All characters are invited to participate!

[07.09] • And we've had our first ban. Editing profiles that are rejected in order to leave nasty messages to the staff is rude and unnecessary. Unfortunately not all profiles can be accepted. In the case that yours isn't - and the staff have given you a second chance to remedy it - try to be polite. It's not always easy but I can promise we'll be 100% less likely to blacklist you from every other roleplaying board we run!

[06.09] • we've added a few new affiliates! we also have our Sailor Mercury - and new moderator - Lily on board! She'll be using the "Diana" staff account.

[04.09] • in the process of advertising. attempting a "soft" opening. will be accepting new character applications as of today so feel free to make your reservations!

[03.09] • currently under construction. staff wanted. canon characters still available.

Please send Luna your vote for September's Spotlights. Activity check now in progress. Canon characters are currently limited. Act 1 - "The Awakening" - is currently in progress. All characters are invited to participate!
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